To be a world class organization in training, research and consultancy services in education.


To provide high quality, student-centered education and lifelong learning opportunities for the communities we serve.


BASE endeavours to achieve the above with its firm belief in the following values: Professionalism, Innovation, Care and Commitment.

BASE - Learn, Earn and Win

BASE believes in self-sustained learning process. Just as water has no use unless one is thirsty, true learning does not happen unless there is curiosity and a broader purpose to pursue. The role of the teacher is to facilitate the learning. Our role is to build the questioning mind. As the student begins to unravel the answer to a question, a myriad other questions crop up. By looking for answers to each of the succeeding questions, the student is getting richer in perspective and acquires clarity of concepts.In the BASE Way, the student takes up the responsibility for his or her own learning and acquires self-motivation. We are constantly working with the sole goal of empowering every student by awakening the spirit of questioning.

Today, when our students write to us of the progress they made in their lives, they recount the methods we instilled in them in their formative years. They cherish their success in competitive environments. But more importantly, they value the BASE Way of learning all through their lives. Because BASE learning is for life!