BASE Educational Services is one organisation any aspiring teacher should join!

Our teachers are a blend of highly qualified, experienced, senior professionals and creative, enthusiastic youngsters. Teachers here believe in sharing and exchanging ideas, knowledge and processes. BASE provides the platform for capable, passionate youngsters to get trained and become the best in the industry. We always welcome senior, experienced teachers to come and share their expertise and help the organisation grow further.

We at BASE encourage creative and innovative learning techniques and methodologies. Candidates with high creative-quotient and who are passionate about teaching are sure to get placed with us. We provide ample opportunities for learning and growth. We hone the talent, recognise contribution and reward the effort.

BASE’s success is shared by both teaching and non-teaching staff. Our competent back-end staff provides the necessary support to our teachers to be more competitive and effective. Smart and capable graduates with good communication skills are assured of an accelerated career path with us. Also, being a fore-runner in the education field, we believe in providing necessary support for our staff to pursue higher education, irrespective of the role they perform. We encourage and promote candidates who set high performance targets for themselves and achieve them.

Our current openings are listed below.

To seek a career at BASE, please send your resume to