An institution is only as good as its teachers. BASE is indeed fortunate to be home to some of the finest teachers. At BASE, a teacher is truly the friend, philosopher and guide for his/her students.BASE lays enormous emphasis on the quality of teachers in its Leadership Team. Since it is the teacher who plays the crucial role in mentoring and guiding students’ efforts their ambitious pursuits, BASE ensures that every faculty member is capable of taking wide ranging responsibilities.

We have a faculty strength of over 150, including 32 Ph.D’s, to look after the academic training needs of over 4,000 students every year. All our faculty members are post-graduates.

Our faculty members challenge their students, share insights gained through professional experience and communicate the knowledge they’ve spent a lifetime acquiring. They’re supportive in the classroom, active in the community and committed to teaching.

BASE faculty are known for producing impactful research across a wide range of academic disciplines as well as their commitment to excellence in teaching. Our faculty comprise senior professors, PHD’s recognized for their contributions as well as have an impressive record of academic citations.

Faculty members are well-grounded in the fundamentals of teaching and serve as consultants and advisors to students for their personal and academic growth.