BASE has a policy of redressing a grievance as soon as it arises. BASE firmly believes that redressing grievances whether it is of faculty, employees or students, is mandatory for the smooth functioning of the organization. This is one of the distinguished features of BASE that makes it different from the rest.

It has a systematic and well-structured system for hearing grievances. The person responsible for redressing the grievances can be reached either through a phone call or by sending an e-mail.

If the designated person is unable to solve the issue, then the case can be taken up to the higher authorities. And these mails regarding suggestions and grievances are under direct access of our respected Director and/or Managing Director after concerning divisional heads. This sort of operation brings transparency in administration, and strengthens the belief of the people.


To raise a grievance you just have to fill the form below and click on submit. You will get resolution at the earliest.

Will my identity be safe if I raise a grievance?

  • We are here to help you and solve the issues
  • Your personal identity will not be harmed in any way


How much time will it take to resolve my issue?

  • If it involves 1st level authority we will get it resolved in 24 hrs – 48 hrs
  • Maximum it will be resolved in 4 working days.